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Lisle CUSD 202


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Lisle Community Unit School District 202


District Goals

Lisle Community Unit School District 202 is proud to present to you our 2012 and beyond District goals.  We continuously strive to increase our knowledge and skills in order to better serve our learning community.  Teachers participate in staff development so they can continually improve their capacity to teach our children. Students challenge themselves to become self-directed learners so their learning curve improves and our School Board plans ahead to continually meet the increased needs of our current and future students.  

This past summer, the Board of Education members and the administrators met to determine the District 202 goals.   These goals will provide the direction and rudder for the District.  Without goals, we would just drift along.  Goal setting allows us to be proactive, instead of just being reactive, and is just the first step to achievement. In the fall, each school will continue to align their individual school improvement plans with the District goals.  At this point, our team of teachers will develop their plans aligned with our District and School goals.

Our learning community has put children’s needs first.  Our goals are designed so that no child is left behind or falls between the cracks.  Our children need skills that include the basics, promote critical thinking, recognize the values of sound character development, and believe in the value of effort and perseverance.  As our world becomes more interdependent, we recognize our responsibility to building the capacity of our children to learn.  As part of our school improvement and with collective efforts, we will continue to improve our schools capacity to help all students learn at high levels.


Goal I:   

Improve academic achievement of all students in the District as measured by State and local assessments.

Goal II:   

Ensure a healthy, safe, nurturing and empowering learning community as measured by climate indicators.

Goal III:   

Increase communication regarding District 202 information and success stories through various media.


Goal IV:   


Continue to achieve financial recognition from the Illinois State Board of Education through effective management of resources that promotes fiscal stability and financial accountability.