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Lisle CUSD 202


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Ms. Joanna Ng

ESL Teacher 

Daily Schedule: 

7:30-10:15, 2:00-3:15  Lisle Junior High School, Room 202

10:20-2:00 Lisle Senior High School, Library Room

Contact Information:




ESL Program Model

Our ESL Program model consists of an ESL class for students to receive English instruction every day.  English Language Learners receive English credit for this class.  We also provide support services for students who are transitioning into an English class by scheduling them in an ESL Resource, as opposed to an independent study hall.  Here, students receive support for their core classes, and any accommodations they may qualify for.  

Course Information: 

1st period - ESL Level 2: Reading/Language, and Writing

2nd period - ESL Level 1: Reading/Language, and Writing

This course is for students learning English as his or her second language.  Students in Level 2 have a proficiency level between 2 and 4, described as  Beginning, Developing, and Expanding, according to the WIDA Access proficiency test.  Students in Level 1 have a proficiency between 0 and 2, described as Engering or Beginning.  The goal of these classes is to improve students' English proficiency in terms of his or her Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking level.  Lessons are diverse so that students not only learn more about American culture, but also share about their own cultures so that each student's background is celebrated and respected.  

These two areas of Reading and Writing are aligned so that the content is connected.  Each story is a different style of writing, such as a journal, news article, interview, prose, etc.  Further, within each story, there is a set of vocabulary and grammar lessons used and illustrated in the story.  The writing lessons goes along with each style presented in the story.  By the end of this school year, students will have created their own newspaper, written a 3 paragraph expository essay, journaled in every tense, researched and compared news articles, and have produced many more written assignments. Each unit and corresponding activity is directly linked and driven by Common Core State Standards for Language Arts and Reading.


Level 2: INSIDE - Level B Reading and Language Textbook and Workbook, Writing Student Book and Writer's Workout

Level 1: INSIDE - Level A Reading and Language Textbook and Workbook, Writing Student Book and Writer's Workout

Grading: Grades are based on the total-point system. Each assignment is given a point value based on the difficulty and importance of the assignment. Students are subjected to the following grade scale:

Percent         Grade

90-100             A

80-90                B

70-840               C

60-70                D

Below 60         F



A bilingual resource for families: http://www.colorincolorado.org/families/

To check your student's grades, visit:

For practice using your English in listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation, or vocabulary: https://www.englishclub.com/

Students, need a book suggestion? http://www.ccsf.edu/Library/instruct/eslintermed.pdf

Check out your books at the Lisle Library!
777 Front St, Lisle, IL 60532
(630) 971-1675

Our Lisle Library offers ESL classes for Adult Learners.  Find out more by emailing  literacy@lislelibrary.org or visiting http://www.lislelibrary.org/literacy-class-schedules