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Lisle CUSD 202


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Fine Arts

6th-12th Grade Vocal / General Music

Power Standards

  1. Compare and contrast elements and expressive qualities in a variety of musical style.  Those elements include tempo, dynamics, rhythm, pitch, form, harmony, tone color as appropriate for grade level.
  2. Identify a variety of sounds and sound sources.  (Early Elementary)
  3. Relate, read, and interpret traditional music notation as appropriate for grade level.
  4. Read and interpret the traditional music notation of note / rest values and letter names as appropriate for grade level.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to read written notation for a vocal part. (High School)
  6. Sing or play on classroom instruments a variety of music representing diverse cultures and styles.
  7. Create and perform music of challenging complexity and length with expression as appropriate for grade level.
  8. Know how the sounds, images, and movement convey stories about people, places, and times.
  9. Identify and describe how the arts communicate the similarities and differences among various people, places, and times.  (Late Elementary)
  10. Analyze how the arts shape and reflect ideas, issues, or themes in a particular culture or historical period.  (Late High School)



Teacher Room Phone
Dan Schraub
Music Room 493-8377
Pat Kerback
Music Room 493-8276
Lisa Kiener/Barnett
Music Room 493-8275
Celeste McIntyre
Room 305 493-8279