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Lisle CUSD 202


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Ms. Stevens - Grade 6 language arts/literature instructor

Welcome, Grade 6 Students and Parents!

Ms. Patricia Stevens and Ms. Melanie Sanborn

Grade 6 Language Arts and Literature Instructor




Sixth Grade Literature Course Description



Grades are based on a total-point system.  Grades are determined by total points earned divided by total points possible. The school grading scale is as follows:

90-100    A        80-89    B        70-79    C        60-69    D        0-59    F


Grade 6 Language Arts

Course Description:

This course is designed to reinforce the mechanics of writing and standard English grammar. Units of study include parts of speech, capitalization, punctuation, and usage. A study of functional language, which encourages correct usage and sentence structure, is presented through writing skills. Writing skills are demonstrated through the development in narrative, argumentative, and informative/explanatory essays. In addition, accurate use of academic and domain-specific words and phrases for reading, writing, speaking, and listening are reinforced. Students are placed according to ability.

Google Classroom codes:    

Per. 2 Lit.  1hpw4j        Per. 3 Lit.  j5mxkln      Per. 4 Lit.   a8l1wg

Per. 5 LA   ekjdi8l        Per. 7 LA  rcwvxt

Language Arts Course Outline

Vocabulary Policy and Resources

Paragraphing Expectations

Paragraph Structure Graphic Organizer


Literature Course Outline

This course is designed to reinforce basic reading skills as well as introduce the students to the literary elements of plot design and characterization. Various types of non-fiction, short stories, and dramatic works are used so that students can gain an appreciation for literature. Students are placed according to ability.

Google Classroom codes: 

Period 2:  scpaycm      Period 4:6gcaize                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Accessing Your Literature Textbook Online

50 Famous failures

SSR Presentation Rubrics:

         Mini Book Rubric

         Poster Rubric

         PowerPoint Rubric