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Lisle CUSD 202


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Welcome to Mrs. Cerny's Website

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Mrs. Jill Cerny

Kindergarten Teacher

Email: jcerny@lisle202.org




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Welcome to my kindergarten page. I grew up always wanting to be a teacher. My parents were both in education so I was given many opportunities to learn about teaching. When I was in second grade my mom went back to teaching and I would often go and help my mom in her classroom on my days off of school!  

I have been teaching for 15 years. Before I was married I taught first grade and all day kindergarten in Galesburg, IL. Later I taught first grade in Oswego and took time off  to become a mom. Recently, I taught first grade and all day kindergarten in Darien, IL.  Last year I taught first grade at Tate Woods!  I am looking forward to learning about you and all the things you like to do in and out of school.

While I am not at school I love to spend time with my husband, three children and our dog Scout. As a family we go to several soccer games, since Dustin will be a seventh grader and plays on three teams. Chloe is going to be a fifth grader and also plays soccer and is on a swim team. Haley is our youngest and will be a second grader who also likes to play soccer and is on a swim team.

In kindergarten we go to P.E., music, art, library, and the computer lab. We learn how to read, write, do math, science, and how to be great friends with each other. We even get to play EVERYDAY!!!!!




GYM SHOES: We have P.E. every Wednesday. Please be sure that your child has gym shoes to wear to school on P.E. days.


TRANSPORTATION: It is important that I know how your child will be getting home from school each day. I have been given a list from the office that lets me know which children will:

*ride the bus

*go to KinderCare

*be picked up by a parent

*go to the after school program

***If for any reason there should be a change in how your child is getting home from school, please write a note and send it with your child that day.


TAKE HOME FOLDER: Your child will be using a red plastic folder (that this note is in) as a TAKE HOME FOLDER. This folder will be used each day to bring home papers and special notes. Please check this folder on a daily basis. You may put any notes you need your child to bring to school (notes for me, notes for the office, etc.) in this folder for your child to give to me upon arrival.


*The right side is labeled “Notes/Work to go to School”. On this side you should put anything you need your child to bring back to school…notes for me, notes for the office, lunch money, etc.


*The left side is labeled “My Work/Notes to go HOME”. Please go through and clean this side out each day.


LUNCH: In your folder today, you will see a calendar/menu for the month.  You will get new ones at the beginning of each month to preview the choices.  Students will make their lunch choice from the menu, or choose lunch from home each morning when they come into our classroom. If your child orders a lunch from school, please send money in the lunch money envelopes that were sent home, or use the online system. Lunch money may be sent ahead of time or on the day your child orders lunch. If your child brings a lunch to school, please make sure his/her lunch box is labeled with their first and last name.


SNACK: Please be sure to pack your child’s snack separately from their lunch. Student lunch boxes are taken from the classroom upon arrival to be set up in the lunch room. If their snack is inside of their lunch bag, students will not have access to go and grab their snack throughout the day. When packing your child’s snack, please consider using a Ziploc bag or easy-open container so that students can be independent with opening their snack.


Students are allowed to bring a healthy snack to our classroom that does not require utensils (utensils with snacks like yogurt, have proven to be a bit messy in the past).  Ideas to choose from include:

-crackers  (No chips, please.  They will be sent back home.)
-cheese/string cheese/crackers
-Fruit Bars/Granola Bars (No pop-tarts, rice-Krispy treats, please.)

*At this time, I have not been made aware of any nut allergies in our classroom.  If this changes, I will notify you of any snack restrictions that will be enforced to ensure the safety of all  students.


WATER: Students do not need to bring a water bottle with them to school. All kindergarten classrooms have a drinking fountain located in the classroom for students to get a drink as they need to.


Our Weekly Schedule:












***Please feel free to contact me via email, note, or phone with any questions or concerns. I truly value your support and cooperation in making kindergarten a fun and rewarding experience.


Contact Information:

Mrs. Jill Cerny

Phone: (630) 493- 8110          email: jcerny@lisle202.org