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Lisle CUSD 202


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Lisle Senior High School International Thespian Society Troupe #660

'Act well your part; there all the honor lies.' Alexander Pope "Essay on Man"





Lisle Senior High School   

Thespian Troupe #660 


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Troupe #660 - Sponsor and Officers

Troupe #660 - What is the International Thespians Society?



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Sponsor and Officers

My name is Aimee Park and I have been the Thespian Sponsor for Troupe #660 since I began teaching in 2001 at Lisle CUSD #202.  When I started my teaching position in Lisle, I was also asked to direct the LSHS Fall Play and lead this club called Thespians.  During high school and college, theatre was an influential part of my experiences!  I enjoyed performing in high school productions so much that I minored in Theatre while attending Loyola University Chicago.  At Loyola, I was introduced to both the technical side of theatre and directing.  It was amazing!  However, in all of those experiences, I had never heard of Thespians.  

To prepare myself for my new position, I researched.  I learned all about this amazing international organization called The International Thespian Society which is managed by the Education Theatre Association (EdTA.)  I learned that Beverly Fiore had started a troupe at Lisle Senior High School on November 11, 1970.  Over her tenure, she had inducted many new Lisle Thespians into Troupe #660.   The more I learned about the organization, the more excited I became!  I explained to my family and friends that Thespians was similar to National Honors Society, but it recognized achievements in Performance Arts!  

Over the years, Troupe #660 has inducted many new members and participated in many different events depending on the troupe's interest.  I am proud to sponsor this group of talented students and look forward to the adventures we pursue each year!  Come to meeting or talk to one of our officers to find out more! 


2016-2017 Thespian Executive Officers

Presidents: Destany Hahn & Emily Schwemer

Secretary: Holly Marriner & Leila Yasin

Treasure: Erin Spangler

Clerks: Dan Fleischer & Erin Zurek

Sponsor: Pat Kerback   





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Troupe #660 of the International Thespian Society 


About Thespian Troupe #660


As a member of the International Thespian Society, LSHS exhibits their commitment to quality theatre.  Students who are interested in Theatre and enjoy participating in theatrical activities are encouraged to join the Thespian Troupe #660 at LSHS.   Within Troupe #660, students are able to participate in high school sponsored theatrical activities throughout the year.  Furthermore, students earn points and are recognized for their achievements.  The best method to learn more about thespians is by talking to a current Thespian, attending a meeting, or by checking out our website.  You may also read more about the International Society to which we belong below.



About The International Thespian Society

Commitment to theatre is what the International Thespian Society is all about.  The Society was established in 1929 at Fairmont, West Virginia, by Dr. Earl Blank, who was then the director of dramatics at the high school in Casper, Wyoming; Dr. Paul Opp, a member of the college faculty; and Harry Leeper, a teacher at East Fairmont High Schools.

They named their organization the National Thespian Society for Thespis, the Greek who, according to legend, was the first actor; their guiding principle was a dedication to excellence in theatre arts in secondary schools.  Seventy-one schools became charter members of the society.  The first national convention and election of officers was held in 1930.  From this modest beginning, the organization enjoyed steady growth, and in the next five years, the membership had increased to 320 troupes.  The national office was moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1935.  By the time the Society had celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, there were 3,190 troupes on its rolls.

At that point, the Society had grown into an international organization with more than a million members and troupes in every state and many foreign countries.  The Society sponsors state, regional, national, and international theatre conferences where its members can learn more about the art and craft of theatre, perform and see outstanding performances, and audition for scholarships.

In 1989, the governing board of the Thespian Society formed the Educational Theatre Association to help it provide a broader range of services to theatre educators.  The Educational Theatre Association is a professional organization for theatre teachers that includes its membership all Thespian troupe sponsors.  Its board now operates the Thespian Society, continuing the tradition of honoring and serving theatre students and their teachers.

The goals of the Thespian Society haven'™t changed.  It still strives to give young adults a place for outstanding theatre where the standards of excellence in theatre arts will be advanced and to honor those students who do theatre well.  And it continues to be guided by the principles of its founders: a belief that participation in the arts is an essential means of widening students'™ cultural horizons and enriching their lives.   


Membership in the International Thespian Society

Since 1929, more than two million students have been honored for excellence in theatre arts by being invited to join the International Thespian Society. As a member of ITS, you join a group that includes not only accomplished actors but people who have distinguished themselves in business, science, law, medicine, and every other field of endeavor.  The International Thespian Society is the only organization to honor secondary school students for outstanding work in theatre. The resolution with which the Society approaches this role is evident in its focus on the students; their achievements, involvement, and access to quality theatre arts instruction are basic concerns of ITS. 

Thespian membership is granted for the performance of meritorious work in theatre arts which meets the Society's general guidelines. Specifically, students become members by earning points for their work. Any student who has participated in at least two productions for a total of one hundred hours of work is eligible for Thespian Society membership. 

Records of student activities will be maintained at LSHS and Thespian membership may be conferred when qualifications have been met. The troupe clerk is responsible for maintaining these records, which are available for students' review. You can download point record sheets in the Points Section of this web page.

A Thespian moving to another affiliated school is entitled to transfer his or her membership by having the new sponsor verify the membership with the ITS home office. A new membership card and certificate may be secured by submitting the replacement credentials form, which is available from the EdTA website.

The points listed below are the maximum that usually may be earned for a specific assignment. Sponsors may award two additional points for any task performed with exceptional merit, and should use their discretion in awarding points- from zero to the maximum-according to the quality of effort and work accomplished.  The following are general guidelines on the awarding of points:

  •  One point represents approximately ten hours of excellent work. Sponsors should use this formula in awarding points for items not specifically listed in the point system.  


  • To attain Thespian membership, a student must earn ten points, five of which must be acquired at the school where he or she is to be inducted.


  • Thespian membership will be awarded on a democratic basis to all students who qualify according to the requirements of the point system. No student will be elected into the Society. No student will be denied membership if he or she has accumulated the required ten points and has fulfilled all membership requirements.
  •  A student must participate in at least two full-length productions, or one full-length and two one-acts, or four one-acts. Participation should be in at least two of the listed categories, for example, acting and production.  


  • Students may earn up to five points toward membership through participation at the middle school level (through an ITS Junior Thespian troupe), in community, children's or professional theatre, or in other activities in the performing arts. They may earn additional points after induction at the sponsor's discretion and upon proof of participation.  


  • When students qualify for membership, they are notified that they may join the International Thespian Society.  Students are informed of the cost of the membership fee and date/site of the induction ceremony. No hazing of student candidates is permitted. Induction ceremonies are in a formal style and occur in the Spring of each year.  

After Thespians have attained membership, further recognition for their outstanding work in theatre arts may be indicated by awarding stars for each additional ten points-or one hundred hours-earned (to a maximum of four stars). Students may wear stars on Thespian jewelry to indicate their rating in the troupe. Star ratings should be designated on the student'™s membership certificate under œThespian Stars Earned.




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Troupe #660 calendar






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Meeting Information

In order to function as an organization, we have regular meetings to discuss important group activities.  Your presence at Thespians Meetings is extremely important.  If you are unable to attend a meeting, please review the Meeting Agenda and contact Ms. Park at apark@lisle202.org










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Thespian Points

To become a member of the International Thespians Society, students must earn points by becoming involved in Theatrical Activities.  Students' earn points by their participation in various theatrical activities: acting, production assistance (crew), designing and directing, serving the troupe as an officer, seeing shows, etc.  This process is similar to the process of obtaining points for union membership for professional theatrical organizations.


Current Points: 

All Thespians points - Apprentices, Thespians, & Honor Thespians - are maintained on Google Documents.  If you would like to view you points, please send an email (apark@lisle202.org) requesting to have your point document shared with you.  




Point Cards

LSHS Thespian Point System - Recommended High School Points

LSHS Thespian Point System - Recommended Junior High School Points



LSHS Thespian Point System - Recommended High School Points - Review how induction into the Thespian Society and earning points works.  - In order to calculate some of your High School Points, you may use this system.

LSHS Thespian Point System - Recommended Junior High School Points - In order to calculate some of your Junior High Points, you may use this system.

Forms Print these forms, fill them out as best as you can, and bring them to the next thespian meeting.



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Thespians will be placing an order for LSHS Thespian Wear in December.  


These links will become active when available.

Official International Thespian Wear Order Form: 

Official Thespian Wear Order Form






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TROUPE #660 








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The following is a list of yearly events that students may participate in at LSHS. 

These events are often sponsored by Thespians, however, you need not be a Thespian to be involved. 



Thespian Evening Event

Information & Permission Slip


Seeing Theatre -  

Information & Permission Slip


Thespian Induction


Thespian Showcase





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Theatre Links

International Thespian Society

International Thespian Society


Illinois High School Theatre

Illinois Theatre Association

Illinois State Theatre Festival


Local Partners

Lisle Park District


Local Theatre

Chicago Plays - Search for Plays Within the City


Broadway in Chicago

Chicago Shakespeare

Goodman Theatre

Looking Glass Theatre


The Second City


The Briar Street Theatre

Victory Gardens



Theatrical Suppliers

Scripts & Books

Anchorage Press Plays

Brooklyn Publishers

Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Eldridge Plays and Musicals

Killer Scripts - Dinner Theatre

Pioneer Drama

Playscripts, Inc.


Rodgers and Hammerstein Theatre Library

Samuel French and Baker's Plays

Tams-Witmark Music Library

Theatre Communications Group, Inc

Theatre Folk - Original Playscirpts for High Schools

USA Plays for Kids

Youth Plays


Supplies - Costumes, Make Up, Props, Set, Lights, & Sound

Grand Stage - Makeup & Lighting

Broadway Costumes - Costume Rental 

Fantasy Costume - Costumes Rental & Purchase and Props

Theatre House - Make Up, Costumes, Props, Set Dressings, Lighting, and Sound Samples

Zap Props - Props & Set

T-shirts - Successful Products, Holy Cow Sports, Galapagos, & K12 Outfitters



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Induction and Awards Ceremony

Thespian Induction and Awards Ceremony is a special evening for our hardworking Thespians in which they are honored for their efforts and recognized for their achievements.  Traditionally, the evening consists of the Induction of new members into the International Thespians Society Troupe #660, the presentation of Stars, Bars, Special Recognition, Senior Awards, and the appointment of the next year's Thespian Executive Officers.



Induction Application

Apprentice Application for Induction

Induction and Awards Ceremony Program


Induction and Awards Ceremony Schedule

Thursday, April 27, 2017

  • 2:30 - 4:00 pm - Students Decorate Commons and Auditorium
  • 6:00 - 7:00 pm - Potluck Dinner & Dessert in LSHS Commons
  • 7:00 - 9:00 pm - Induction and Awards Ceremony in LSHS Auditorium





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Thespian Showcase

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Thespian Showcase is a special evening in which our Thespians are able to showcase their talents for family and friends.   Members into the International Thespians Society Troupe #660 both organize, promote, and perform in this event.  Performances often include dancing, singing, instrumentals, acting, improv, and monologues.  



Thespian Showcase Program


Thespian Showcase Schedule

Saturday, April 29, 2017

  • 6:00 - 7:00 pm - Cast and Crew Call
  • 7:00 - 9:00 pm - Performance