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Lisle CUSD 202


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Mrs. Gucciardo Science Web Page

Come See Whats New in my Science Room!!!!!!!

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The objective in defining my classroom is  to keep  my students focused on a deep understanding of the standards and on helping my students develop the skills of critical thinking, inquiry, collaboration and communication. Just as important to my students is the abilities to synthesize and evaluate information, to take intellectual risks and to develop global perspectives as they use what they’ve learned to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

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"Give your child an answer and they succeed for the
moment.  Teach them to think and they
succeed a lifetime"

Mrs Gucciardo        Phone: (630)493-8341            E-mail: agucciardo@lisle202.org            Room 223

     It's not the quanity of education we instill in our childern, but the quality               that insures greatness!
1st period Biology
2nd period study hall
3rd period Biology
4th period Biology
5th period Prep
6th period Biology
7th period Anatomy


Peer Tutoring Resources

LSHS Peer Tutoring/Mentor Program

In order to prompt lifelong learning all departments have teamed up to promote student to student education. The peer tutor group is scheduled in the library from 7:15 to 3:15 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Students that have excelled their academics volunteer their time on a weekly basis to mentor/tutor students. This is a great opportunity for students to learn in a diverse atmosphere and become involved with the community. Students volunteering their time as tutors understand the commitment, conduct themselves to achieve excellence, and have proven to be true leaders in their community.  We will encourage all students to take advantage of these resources at Lisle Senior High School.

"Making a positive impact on the community one student at a time"


Science World Magazine Article


Username: agucciardo@lisle 202.org


online access:X8E3MZ



Biology text book available online at: www.glencoe.com/ose

code: E84AC06DC9

Test and Quizzes:


Unit 1: Experimental Design

Web Links for Experimental Design

Unit 2: Classification

Unit 3: Evolution

Web links for Evolution

Genetic Drift computer activity questions 1-10 link

Genetic Drift computer activity question 1-10 link

Charles Darwin Evolution Game

Genetic Drift Simulation:  http://www.biology.arizona.edu/evolution/act/drift/manual.html

Unit 4:Energy

Water-weed simulation (Go through internet explorer)

  • Video clips

1.Food chain vocab review of autotroph, heterotroph, decomposer:


2. Food chain vocab review of herbivore, omnivore, carnivore:


3.Food chain dynamics:


cellualr respiration and photsynethesis 

Cellular respiration video

Enegy pyramid videos:



Video quizzes

How living organisms obtain energy? Activity

Virtual Labs

General site with multiple URLS for online dissection:








Extension activity on Energy Rule of TEN

Photosynthesis Lab Simulation

Unit 5:Cell

Organelle Video

RNA Video

How cells work.............

Cell Webquest

Strawberry extraction video

DNA and Chromosomes Webquest

Unit 6:Growth and Reproduction

Cancer Research


Class Overview

System Review

Online Book Support

Online Data Base Password

1. explora: username-lisle      password-search

2. resources in context:     password-library

3. jstor: username:lisle202      password- lions


Medical terms 

Chapter1  Orientation of the body


Human body system for Physical Therpaist

Anatomical Language Activity online

Medical Imaging activity

Key ideas for Chapter 1

Banana Dissection

Saving Ben by fixing his Homestatsis Activity.

Negative/Positive feedback video:  

1. http://youtu.be/CLv3SkF_Eag

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZxuQo3ylII

3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI711kvTPVg

Chapter2  Chemistry

Chemical reaction in the body

Review for Chapter 2

Chapter  3 Cell/Tissue

Cell Function Web Activity

Comparing cell to a factory

Chapter 3 read along notes

Mitosis lab

Cancer vs Normal Cells. Let the battle begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cancer video

Protein Synthesis

Tissue type notes and graph organizer

Tissue Types:

1. Epithelium Tissue

2. Connective Tissue

3. Muscle and

4. Nerve Tissue

Chapter 4 Skin and Membrane


Chapter 5 Skeletal System

Axial Skelton Review:  http://www.easynotecards.com/notecard_set/5682?list

axial skeleton video:


2. www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvMXLTwo3rQ




Skeletal Games

1st Semester Essays


Chapter 6 Muscular System

Poke a Muscle Game

Gross Muscular System:


Muscle contraction:  


Muscle Labeling

Muscle Quizzes

Chapter 7 Nervous System

CNS Review


Chapter 8 Special Senses

Journey through the human mind- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvozcv8pS3c

10 things you didnt know about the eye-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMGSw3GDyJQ

Glacoma: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xvmHU2L-lk

Chapter 10 Blood


Blood Composition Student

Blood Composition Key

Blood Games

Blood clotting video

Current research on blood donations

Chapter 11 Cardiovascular System

Web Quest:The Circulatory System

Blood flow through the heart video

Heart Quest

ECG Simulation

ECG Interpretation

ECG Interpretation Tutorial



Chapter 14  Digestive System

Accessory Organs Videos: See two link below



Digestive Cellular Metabolism Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnjfe1NOen8



 Chapter 1 section A  Chapter 2 section A  Chapter 3 section A  Chapter 4 section A  Chapter 5 section A  Chapter 6 section A
 Chapter 1 section B  Chapter 2 section B  Chapter 3 section B    Chapter 5 section B  Chapter 6 section B
 Chapter 1 section C    Chapter 3 section C    Chapter 5 section C  Chapter 6 section C
     Chapter 3 section D    Chapter 5 section D  
         Chapter 5 section E  
         Chapter 5 section F  
Chapter 8 section A Chapter 10 Chapter 11 section A      
Chapter 8 section B   Chapter 11 section B      
Chapter 8 section C          


Chapter 1 Targets                     Chapter 2 Targets              Chapter 3 Targets                

Chapter 4 Targets                     Chapter 5 Targets              Chapter 6 Targets

Chapter 7 Targets                     Chapter 8 Targets              Chapter 9 Targets

Chapter 10 Targets                   Chapter 11 Targets            Chapter 12 Targets

Chapter 13 Targets                   Chapter 14 Targets            Chapter 15 Targets

Chapter 16 Targets


CHAPTER 1        CHAPTER 2        CHAPTER 3        CHAPTER 4          CHAPTER 5

CHAPTER 6        CHAPTER 7        CHAPTER 8        CHAPTER 9         CHAPTER 10

CHAPTER 11      CHAPTER 12       CHAPTER 13     CHAPTER 14        CHAPTER 15



Chapter 1 

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6


Supportive Website:














































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